Friday, August 17, 2007

Court TV and Our Will

I love watching court tv. I even Tivo some of the shows like: Forensic Files and Body of Evidence. I know, you must be thinking that I am crazy. It's okay, my husband thinks the same thing too. The reason I watch these shows is that I want to be always reminded that I have to be very careful every time I go out or even when I am inside of my house. I've seen so many dead people on court tv, it makes me think that we can die at anytime, we'll never know when it happens. So, I need to remind Angus, my husband, to make our will for our children. I asked him a lot of questions about our insurance policy and how much savings we have and so on. Do you want to know his reaction? He said: "Sweetie, you like watching court tv so much and now you are asking me to make our will, are you trying to kill me?" ..... I was stunned .... I never realized he was going to say that. But then he laughed so hard... and he said: "got ya, Sweetie!!!!"
"Ha ... ha ... ha ... very funny Gus!" I said sarcastically.