Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Strange and Funny Indonesian Customs Part II

* In my old post: Tooth Fairy, I was talking about a strange Indonesian custom: if your top teeth come out you have to throw them on the roof, but if your bottom teeth come out, you have to bury them in the ground. It's a bad luck if you don't.

Here are some other Indonesian customs:

* When a baby has just been born, the parents have to bury the placenta in their yard, put a lantern on top of it, and put a chicken cage on top of the lantern. They do this so when the baby grows up, he or she will always miss the country they were born. But I heard that some women in another country made a smoothie out of the placenta ... (What?! ... gross!!!)

* When I grew up, I loved whistling. But my mom always said that it wasn't polite to whistle. I asked her, "why not?" She said, "It just impolite, that's all."

* I was not allowed to sit or stand at the front door. I could be inside or outside but not at the door. My mom said, "A man will change his mind about marrying you because you are blocking his way!"

* When I was sweeping the floor, my mom always reminded me to swept it very clean. "Otherwise you will get a husband who has thick beard!" Haaa ... it came true! I guess I never swept the floor very clean eh ...

* When people haven't seen each other for a long time, they like to say: "Wow, you look fat now!" I know it sounds mean, but it's actually a compliment that the other person has a very good life.

* It's not good if people die on Saturday, because the dead people will make other people die too. We can stop the curse by frying green soy beans until they are burnt, and when the body is ready to be carried to the cemetery, we have to head-but the roof, rake the yard and say, "Please don't make other people die too!"

To be continued ...