Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tooth fairy

One day, Benny, my son, told me that someday when his teeth come out, he will put them under his pillow. I had never heard of that before (I was born and grew up in Indonesia), so I asked him why he would do that. He said he hoped that the tooth fairy will come while he is sleeping and trade the tooth for some money. I started to smile ... wow ... I guess the tooth fairy must be rich and I wondered how many teeth that she has collected. Ha ... I laughed ... I thought it was so funny. But then I realized that in Indonesia we have a strange custom too. If your top teeth come out, you have to throw them on the roof. But if your bottom ones come out, you have to bury them in the ground. Why? It's bad luck if you don't do it! Why it's a bad luck? Dunno! I thought that was hilarious and I never realized it before. Haaa ... I laughed even harder. So ... what do you think, which custom is funnier?