Monday, September 10, 2007


My heart was pounding, somebody was knocking my front door. I was home alone with Thia, Gus and Benny were out of town for two nights. I tried hard to be brave and tried to look outside to see who it was. I saw a police man, but that didn't make me calm. I was still afraid, he might be pretending to be a police man (too much watching court tv!).

After a short prayer, finally, I opened the door, and asked him what he wanted. Thanks God, he was a real police man. He said that somebody in my house called 911 and hung up. Oh my God ... I realized that I did dial 911, but I didn't think it rang.

Earlier, I was afraid of being alone in my house with my daughter, so I checked if my telephone could dial 911. I was embarrassed and apologized to the police officer a hundred times. The police man was nice. He said he would rather have a false alarm than a real one. He wrote down my name, d.o.b, my phone number, my address. And then he left.

The worst is: this was actually the third time a police man came to my house for a false alarm. The first time, my son Benny, when he was 1 year old, called 911 at my in-law's house. The second time was when we just moved to our new house and I forgot how to turn off the alarm system. Oops ...

When I told my husband about it, he laughed so hard, he thought it was funny. I laughed too. Omigosh ... it was pathetic. Geez ...