Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hunting camp

It is a tradition in Angus's family especially the guys to go hunting every year. Usually it is held in middle of November in the Adirondacks, in New York state. Gus doesn't hunt, but he still goes every year to hang out with his family. The camp was built by uncle Josh in ... "no idea!" Gus said.

A week ago Gus and Benny went to the camp for a work weekend. They left on Friday morning and stayed there for two and half days. That was when I called 911 because I was nervous of being alone at my house (old post: 911). Gus's job was to bring food; he made beef stew, marinated steaks, brought some bread, snacks, and beverages.

They were building an addition to the camp. The other guys were: Steve (hunting buddy from Skaneateles), our cousin Alex's husband, Steve, and his two sons, Will and Nat; and cousin Jace, who was the team leader. Benny was very excited to be there, because he had two friends to play with.

When they got home from camp on Sunday, it was in the middle of the night. Gus and Benny were very dirty and they had a lot of dirty and wet laundry... ayayay! Benny was very tired and half sleeping when I helped him take a bath.

The next morning Gus told me that everyone worked very hard in the rain and when they left, the addition still needed a lot of work. Gus also said that the camp is not designed for women. Starting with: there is no electricity! Hmm, I am getting suspicious, what's next ... There is no shower ... omigosh! But luckily there is a river next to the camp (... uhm ... okay, I started to giggle). And there is no toilet (... whaaat? Haaaa!) I had been jealous of Gus every time he went to hunting camp. I thought the place was an exciting vacation house. So for me, it would be a disaster! Haaaa ...

You can see more pictures here.