Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visiting Frantz

On Labor Day weekend we went to Greenfield, Massachusetts to visit Chris and his wife, Melissa, and their children: Kyan (2.5 years old); and Mila (5 months old). Chris is one of Gus's "Helmet" friends from Duke University. Karl, Tina and their 9-month old son, Alex also came. Karl is one of the Helmet too.

We had a good time hanging out together. The fathers played wiffle ball. The kids had a blast playing in the sand box, with the bubble machine, and riding a battery-powered toy car. The mothers talked about their husbands and their children ... haaa ... women!

We had delicious chicken, salad, corn on the cob, and hamburgers for dinner. After dinner I tried Mother's Milk Tea (haaa ... I know, funny name huh?!). Melissa told me that it was special tea for breastfeeding. I never heard about it before but I really wanted to try it. Although it tasted okay, it is not my favorite. :)

We stayed at Hampton Inn, near Chris's house. The next morning we invited everybody to swim at the hotel. We had a fun swimming, nobody else was there, and we didn't get caught, so it was perfect. ;) Unfortunately, we had to leave early because Benny had a hockey game in the afternoon. Melissa said: "Thanks Anna and Gus for inviting us to swim!" Gus said: "Hey, anytime!" And everybody laughed.