Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Benny!

It is my son's birthday. I can't believe Benny is 6 years old now. I feel like he is still my baby (Benny doesn't like if I call him my baby. He prefers to be called a big boy).

Usually on his birthday, I would make cupcakes for his school friends. But because there is no school today (Columbus Day), I will make the cupcakes tonight, and Benny can bring them to his school tomorrow morning.

Besides that, usually I invite Gus's family over for Benny's birthday dinner. This year I am inviting them on Saturday. For some reason, we have never made a birthday party with a lot of Benny's friends. Maybe someday ;) But I remember mine when I was a little girl, we celebrated it only with my family, and I was so happy. Hopefully Benny will feel the same way.

Actually Benny is lucky he will celebrate his birthday 3 times: tonight with his family, tomorrow with his teacher and friends at school, and this Saturday with Gus's family.

My husband and I have promised Benny that we will go to Chuck E Cheeses soon. I also will take Benny today to get more Bionicles in the store before hockey practice.

Happy Birthday Benny! I hope you will have a wonderful and fun
year. Thank you for being a good boy. We are very proud of you. May Allah SWT always bless you and you will be "anak yg sholeh" amen!