Friday, October 19, 2007

My Idul Fitri Weekend

Friday, October 12, 2007:
I baked all day long. I made two cheesecakes: one for my dear friend Anneke, and the other one was for my family. I also made a flourless chocolate cake for Benny's birthday, and Rugelach cookies. I prepared turkey bacon wrapped scallops too.

Idul Fitri, October 13, 2007:
My family and I went to sholat Idul Fitri at a local university. After sholat, my friends and I were sad, we thought we wouldn't have an Idul Fitri party because it was difficult to find time.
But Anneke's husband suggested that we have a party on Sunday afternoon, and the husbands could watch the Patriot's game. Better than nothing! :) We were so excited ... finally we would have an Idul Fitri party at my friend, Mbak Watty's house ... yay ... thank you Mbak Watty and also thanks to Denny!

My friend, Mbak Riri, shared her 7 kinds of Idul Fitri cookies with everyone. She stacked them into five layers into colorful chinese goodie bags. It was beautiful and delicious. Thank you Mbak Riri!

Gus took Benny directly from the university to a soccer game at 9 am and then to a hockey game at 10:30 am. Crazy!!! Thia and I went back home to get ready for Benny's birthday dinner at our house.

At 3:30 pm, Gus's family started to arrive. We had turkey bacon wrapped scallops for an appetizer, with nuts and cheese and crackers. For dinner we had steaks with spicy kecap sauce, green salad from my sister in-law, Colleen, tater salad from Lindsey (Gus's sister), and Angela's rustic Italian bread from Cynthia and John, my parents in-law. Yay ... thanks everyone for bringing the food! It really helped because I didn't have time to make it. And it was delicious!

The flourless chocolate cake was a big hit, I guess ... he he he ... beside the cheesecake and the rugelach cookies ... he he he ... I am glad everyone loved it. Insya Allah, I will talk about the recipes next time. ;)

It was fun when Benny opened up the presents. We were watching Benny and waiting for his reaction after he opened each present. He was really excited, and would raise each present in the air like a trophy after he opened it.

Everyone left around 7 pm to watch the Red Sox game that started at 8pm, perfect timing! Some brought some of the cheesecake and some rugelach home. We were so happy. I was blessed to be with Gus's family to celebrate Idul Fitri 1st day.

Sunday, October 14, 2007:
Gus took Benny to another hockey game at 10 am (what a surprise! he he he ...). Thia and I attended to our friend's son's baptism party at 11:30 am. We went back home at 3 pm , and got ready for another party: Idul Fitri with friends ... yay ... Gus and I were exhausted. We were really sleepy, so Gus made black coffee for him and black tea for me ... zzz ... zzzz ...

The party was awesome. I felt like I was in Indonesia: eating a lot of Indonesian food and watching Liputan 6 on the internet in the background. I never knew that we could do that before. Good to know guys. I shared my Rugelach cookies with everyone. I put my cookies in colorful goodie bags. Insya Allah I will tell the recipe next time (again). Seriously! :)

We went back home around 8 pm. Gus and I were soooo tired. Happy, but tired. Even now I am still a little bit tired. That is why I have not updated my blog for almost one week. Thank you for stopping by to ask about how my Idul Fitri was.

Thank you to the Madden family and my friends who made my Idul Fitri day one of the bestdays ever! I always miss my family in Indonesia on Idul Fitri but I had a great time here this year.

Also thank you to everyone who wished my family and I "Happy Idul Fitri" and accepted our apologies. Hope you had a great Idul Fitri or great weekend too! God bless you!