Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We would like to wish you and your family,

Happy Idul Fitri 1428 H

Please accept our apologies and welcome the new year with a fresh start. May Allah SWT forgive us, accept our fasting, zakat, and prayers, amen!
May Allah SWT bless you and your family, amen!

Anna, Angus, Benny and Thia Madden

I miss you so much, Bapak! I miss the time we were all together celebrating Idul Fitri and enjoying ketupat and opor ayam. Benny is big now and Thia is very pretty. My heart hurts every time I remember you. O ... Allah, please help Bapak to rest in peace, amen! I miss you Mbah Putri. Insya Allah, I will see you when I go to Indonesia next time, amen! I miss you Ibu, Mbak Lisa, Mas Joni, Jullian, Ferdian, Dik Iin, Dik Eko, Vania, the baby, and all of our relatives in Indonesia. I wish I was there to celebrate this greatest day with all of you.