Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let it snow ... let it snow ... let it snow ...

Yup, we got tons of snow again today. In the past two weeks we had 4 snow storms. Fortunately I didn't have to go anywhere or get trapped somewhere during the storms. But that doesn't mean I feel safe driving the day after the snow storm. The roads are usually still pretty bad. I really have to be careful driving in the snow. I don't want to get in any more car accidents ... snif.

I don't like when Gus has to drive in the snow storm. So, usually I tell him that the roads will be very bad to try and convince him to change his mind. But as usual Gus said he will use his good judgement. If the roads are very bad, he will come back home.

Today, Gus was driving out there. I called him to make sure that he was okay. He told me he needed to call a tow truck, because he got in an accident. Of course I was worried. But after a few minutes, he said he was just joking! O my God! "Gusssssssss ... you are not nice!" Gus laughed so hard. He likes teasing me. Actually, this is the second time he made a joke getting an accident in the snow storm and I believed him both times. "Grrrrr ... @#$%^&*!!!"