Friday, January 25, 2008

Thia, Benny and I have colds

A week ago, Thia got a stomach bug or stomach flu and vomited all night long. The disease is gone and now she has cold. Usually she coughs so hard and it will make her vomit. She couldn't sleep well because of that. It means I couldn't sleep well either, helping her out. Poor girl. And poor Mama .... ;)

Two days ago, Benny got the same bug as Thia: stomach bug or stomach flu. He is feeling better now, but he has a little cold.

I have a cold. Fortunately, mine is not too bad. Even though I am dizzy and my nose is stuffed up, I still can do the housework.

Everyone but Gus, is sick. Usually I am the one who almost never gets sick. Alhamdulillah! Here, mothers are not allowed or are not supposed to get sick, otherwise the world will stop spinning. ;)