Thursday, January 17, 2008

Global Warming

Another homework from a dear friend. This one came from Jeng Sili and it's about global warming. Okay, here we go:

How do we stop global warming:
1. Take the bus or car pool.
I have to take my car everywhere. I don't have a choice. I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no bus. Car pooling might be a good idea, but of course it happens only once in a while.

2. Use my hair dryer less
I think I can do that. I will wash my hair in the evening and let it dry by it self. The next morning I'll just use a straightening iron to straighten my hair. I still need my hair dryer sometimes. But I can't live without my straightening iron. I can't help it. Otherwise my hair is going to be huge like cotton candy!

3. Use less hairspray and deodorant
I can use my hairspray only when I need it, such as going to parties (almost never). But deodorant? Come on ... who doesn't need it? Omigosh, now I remember there are people that I know who never wear deodorant. This people should get an award for saving the earth from global warming, but should also get tickets from the fashion police because they make other people faint. Haaaaa...hahahaaaa....

4. Planting trees
Gardening or planting trees is not my thing. I don't know what is wrong with me but every time I try to plant something it'll die quickly. Caterpillar and worms gross me out. Gus can help to plant tress. He planted a peach tree in our back yard two years ago, and it is still alive! Hooray!

5. Use less air conditioning and play fewer video games
We don't have these things. So, we're safe ;)

6. Use the computer less
Our computers run 24 hours a day. It's impossible to use it less because Gus's business is using computers all the time.

7. Use the microwave, dish washer, washer and dryer less
Okay, from now on we are going to eat cold food, use only paper plates, wear the same clothes for one week. Just kidding!!!

8. Less trash and do recycling
I think we good with recycling, so far. Less trash? I don't know about that because we still have a toddler who wearing diapers everyday!

9. Use paper bags
I forgot to ask the bag person to put my groceries into paper bags. The grocery store should use only paper bags from now on, but then ... oh no ... are they going to increase the prices to cover the paper bag costs?

10. Use lights less or get energy-saving lights
We have started to use energy-saving lights every time we change a broken lightbulb. I also taught Benny to turn off the lights every time he leaves a room. The result: Benny is lazy to turn on the lights every time he goes into some rooms especially the bathrooms. I can't stand he does that because he never knows his urine goes straight into toilet. Actually his father does the same thing too. It drives me nuts! Like father like son ... (Grrr!@#$%^&*)

That's it! Hmm ... Elyani and Icha now it's your turn to do the homework, girls!