Sunday, February 24, 2008

American Idol Season 7

It's American Idol season ya'all :).

Here are my top picks:
1. Michael Johns. He's got the whole packet (star look, confident, and off course ... sexy!).
2. David Archuleta. He is so cute. He's only 17! He has a strong voice, confident and big smiles. I bet a lot of teenage girls crazy about him, cuz I do :)
3. Robbie Carrico. Once again rock 'n roll babay! Way to go, Robbie!

1. Asia'h Epperson. Love your voice and look, girl!
2. Ramiele Malubay. Strong voice and cute. I like her hair too.
3. Syesha Mercado. Strong voice and confident.

Now, who are your favorites?