Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Day

(Thia, 2-3 weeks old)

In the morning of Valentine's Day, when I just about to take Benny to school, I found out that I left my garage door open all night long. I felt so guilty and was scared too, because people could get into my house and did something bad. Thanks God, nothing happened except some animal ate garbage in my garage.

At noon after I took Thia to Local Motion (gym class), we went to a grocery store near by. When I was going to pay the groceries, I couldn't find my wallet. I must left it at home. I saw my check book, and I asked the cashier if I can use it. She said yes. O Thanks God. But then she said that she need my ID. I asked her why. She said she need to verify my identity because it was the first time I use the check in their store. O migosh ... how can I give her my ID if it's in my wallet? I was getting frustrated. She asked me again, "Do you want to get your wallet and come back again to get your groceries?" I could just say NO, I don't want my groceries. But then I remember I already took some unpaid cookies for Thia. So, I had to say YES! Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh .........................

Bad Day - Daniel Powter