Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day guys! (is not too late, is it?! ;))

When you squeeze the little hedgehog red heart, it makes sound
smooch ... smooch ... smooch ...

Tulips, one of my favorite flowers

How do you like Benny's over size pink lips?

Gus and I had romantic dinner at ... home with the kids ... haaahaaa. Well, if you don't have a baby sitter, your romantic nights out with your husband are pretty much over. It was hard, but we are okay with that now. And actually celebrating Valentine's day with Benny and Thia was the best. They were so happy got balloons, chocolate, lips candies, and red & pink little hedgehogs. Benny and Thia made cards for Gus and I. Thank you Benny and Thia! Daddy and Ibu love you so much!