Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thia is a girly girl

My daughter Thia wears dress everyday. She thought it will make her look like a princess. She also likes to wear shoes all the time. In a shoes store, she likes to try different kind of shoes. And when she find shoes that she likes, she will stick with it even though they are not her size. I will have a difficult time to put the shoes away from her ... sigh ...

I have a funny story about her and her shoes. One day, she wanted to see her dad who worked in our basement. She walked down the stairs but she tripped and felt down to the floor. She cried, poor girl! But, here is the funny thing: she cried not because she was in pain, but because one of her shoe felt off when she was falling down! She cried: "my shoe ... my shoe!" Isn't it hilarious?!

Anyway, she is a fun girl. She likes to draw pictures with crayons and eat the crayons afterward ... I know, she's crazy! She likes to dance and sing. I want to sign her up to a ballet class, but she has to be 3 years old to be in the class. She takes music class once a week. Hannah Montana is her favorite. Gym class once a week. Play group once a week. She is interested to learn a tricycle. But she is not interested to potty train yet. Everyday I try to take Thia to her potty, so she get used to it.

She also likes purses, make up things and Princess stuff. Yesterday, we went to my friend house to do play group. My friend's daughter has Ariel the little mermaid make up table. Thia loved it. She sat down its chair for a long time and she didn't want to share it with her friends (not nice!). And just exactly what I thought, she didn't move at all when I told her it's time we had to leave. I had to carry her. She cried and try to fight me. Oh no ... I imagine how difficult will be go traveling to Indonesia with her this summer without Gus (Gus will come later). Wish us luck, guys!