Sunday, April 13, 2008

Indonesia, we are coming!

Yup, this summer we are going to Indonesia. We are leaving on June 16 to July 14. Gus can't make it this time :( . He has to work. O well ...

Although traveling with kids is challenging, but I am ready. I am so excited and can't wait to see my family. I can't wait my family to see Benny and Thia have grown. The last time we went there was in 2006, when Benny was 4 and Thia was 6 months old. Also there will be a new cousin for Benny and Thia.

I can't wait to eat yummy Indonesian food all the time. I am excited that I might get to see my old friends. I am also thinking of "kopdar" with new friends from Semarang. Yes, my hometown is Semarang. Bakso Salatiga, Ayam Goreng Bang Mus, Soto Ayam Pak No and don't forget to stop by at Toko Mas Kranggan. Where else should I go?